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If you want to give your museum visitor an engaging, hands-on/minds-on learning experience, why don't you do the same for your staff? 














Jodi Larson and Hannah Kellogg have been in the museum world for nearly three decades. We've worked in history museums and living history sites, archaeological sites, open-air venues, science centers, craft museums, art galleries, nature centers, art museums, and once on an island full of bears as a park ranger. 

Somewhere along the way we got degrees in Museum Studies and History, studied nonprofit management, and got certified by the National Association of Interpretation. 

During the decades that we've been in the museum world, we've seen the cultural sector change in amazing ways-- except for one. We would never hand a museum visitor a 3-ring binder and tell them to read it to themselves, but that's exactly how we expect our own people to learn! Museum professionals have all the skills to make learning dynamic, differentiated, and meaningful for our audiences but so far have failed to turn those superpowers on their own team. Professional development, training, and teambuilding can be the best part of the work day and we are here to make it happen. 

We are Jodi Larson and Hannah Kellogg. We're here to change the way we change the world. 

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