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Serious Fun: Gamifying the Way We Train Our Staff & Volunteers at the Annual Conference for the Interpretation Australia Annual Meeting in Canberra Australia, October 2016

We believe that learning should be engaging, fun, and active. Our workshops mix theory and practice with meaningful and diverse learning styles. Every workshop includes information, activities, and ways to adapt the lessons to your specific organization or team.


Choose from our four categories of workshops or contact us to customize one to fit your needs. We guarantee our workshops will be the most fun you've ever had doing professional development! 

Signature Workshops

Interpretation & Storytelling

Building a Better Museum

Teamwork & Communication


Serious Fun!

Turn your professional development into a game show where everyone wins. We’ll get you out of your seats & laughing, learning, and sharing with minds-on activities that stick.

The Docent's Toolbox

A must-have workshop for your volunteer crew to add to best practices, sharpen skills, and refresh your team’s passion without dismissing the broad skillset that each brings to your site.

Narrative & Storytelling

Communicating with visitors, donors, colleagues, anyone - all involves good storytelling. We'll break down some narratives and create our own story arcs so you leave with practical and applicable skills. 

Know Your Audience


Museums love their visitors-- but do we know who they are or could be? Learn the tips and tools to reveal who your audiences are and why they might (or might not) come to your site.

Know Thyself

It's easy to dismiss a so-called 'personality test' as fluff but we’ll show you how figuring out how you react in a conflict or what motivates you can help you work in a team or get more out of life!

From "Meh" to "Yeah!"

Re-invigorate your museum interpretation with a workshop full of lively discussion and minds-on activities. This one reminds even the most jaded interpreter why they love what they do. 

Real & Relevant: Making Meaning


How do you make sure that your site’s offerings are meaningful and impactful? Tools and talk for real relevance.

Time Management



There’s never enough time! This workshop gives practical tools for getting control of your workday.

Interpreting with Objects & Artifacts

Every object tells a story. This workshop is an activity-filled adventure on how to bring a photo or artifact alive for your visitors and how to take “stuff” from static to stunning for better visitor connections.

The Ultimate Visitor Experience

From first impressions to consistent messages, there are many ways to make your visitors' experience special. This is a great workshop for museums who want to get their team on the same page!

Conflict & Communication

A workshop with proven tools to help you take on hard conversations, deal with difficult people, or work as a team when tension is high. We’ll empower you not to want to run from hard talks!

Interpretation 101


The basics of interpretation. This is the starting point for interpreter training from the definitions and history to the ideologies and best practices.

Designing & Redesigning

Want to get the most bang for your buck? Need to re-invigorate your site’s programming? Need tools to evaluate programs? This is the one for you.

Lead Like a Boss


Managing people is challenging! This workshop presents skills and tools that will help you lead your team the right way.

Interpreting Art & Photographs

Learn how to cross-genres, interpret art in a non-art museum, increase empathy, bring active play into your interpretation, and even create “wow!” moments for art lovers & art-avoiders alike!

Get Digital

We know the web is bursting with information, but do you know how to find exactly what your organization needs? Get a handle on search tips, boolean phrases, databases, and more so you can get online sources and digital collections to work for you!

Talking as a Team

Our workplaces are full of people - there’s no getting around it- and communicating as a team is the #1 thing that can make or break an organization. This workshop gives you the tools to communicate in an open and positive way.

First Person Interpretation

Filling someone else’s shoes is tough-  learn the ins and outs of 1st person interpretation with tools and practices specifically for this kind of complex interpretation.

Buzzword Breakdown

Mission or vision? Goal or objective? There is a lot of lingo out there! This workshop will help you tell your outcomes from your output and help you navigate industry-specific concepts.

Custom Board & Staff Training

Got new board members or want to get your team on the same page? Customize a workshop or series of workshops tailored for your organization’s needs.

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